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Barbaro In the News, Gretchen Jackson, and Next Steps to End Horse Slaughter

It's been an exciting 48 hours! First and foremost, we've learned that Barbaro is moving forward in his recovery and will probably soon leave the hospital. Poor guy has been hospitalized for over seven months. While NBC staff will certainly miss him, I am sure we are all glad that he will go out into the world to continue his recovery.

Barbaro could be heading to a Kentucky Farm:

Mrs. Jackson, co-owner of Barbaro has become an honorary member of the RACE Fund. This is particularly exciting for me, as RACE is based here in Harrisburg, PA, where I live and work. Mrs. Jackson speaks so eloquently, passionately, and with few words says so much:

Gretchen Jackson, Owner of Barbaro Endorses, R.A.C.E Fund, Becomes Honorary Board Member

Gretchen Jackson, the owner of this year's Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro has become an Honorary Board Member of the R.A.C.E Fund. A non profit funding organization to help with racehorse retirement.

Harrisburg, PA (PRWEB) December 20, 2006 -- The owner of Barbaro, Gretchen Jackson, has become an Honorary Board Member of the R.A.C.E Fund, a 501 c 3 non profit organization that has been established as a funding source geared specifically to help Thoroughbred racehorses retire when they can no longer race. Major funding is expected to come from a small percentage of the gross purse money.

Mrs. Jackson stated, "The overall purse structure at Pennsylvania Thoroughbred racetracks will substantially increase in the very near future with the passing of the slot legislation and the horses deserve a portion of the revenue for their well being. Racehorses are the lifeblood of this industry and we must provide for their care and safety during their entire lives and not just when they are racing."

Jackson also commented, "I believe the R.A.C.E Fund has the potential to provide the substantial perpetual funding that is needed to help racehorses, especially those that are in danger of going to slaughter and to also provide positive alternatives for racehorse retirement in the future." For more information about the R.A.C.E Fund, please visit their website at

AND, Barbaro has had a race named in his honor:

Barbaro's Name Replaces Triple Crown Legend on Pimlico Race

By Mason Levinson

Dec. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Barbaro will replace the name of the first Triple Crown winner for a race on the undercard of the Preakness Stakes, where the Kentucky Derby champion shattered his right hind leg last May.
The Barbaro Stakes, a 1 1/16-mile test for 3-year-olds, will debut at Baltimore's Pimlico Race Course on May 19, replacing the Sir Barton Stakes, the Maryland Jockey Club said in a news release.
Sir Barton was the first horse to complete thoroughbred racing's Triple Crown, winning the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes in 1919.
``Barbaro has become the most popular racehorse in the country because of his courageous battle to overcome such a severe injury,'' club president Lou Raffetto said in a statement. ``This change will allow the next generation of race fans to reflect upon this magnificent and beloved champion during Preakness day at Pimlico.''
Barbaro, who was given a 50-50 chance of surviving the ankle fracture that ended his racing career, has been cleared to leave the suburban Philadelphia animal hospital where he has recovered for the past seven months.
Following the injury, the doctors inserted a plate and screws in Barbaro's right hind leg to fuse the bones and covered the injury with a cast from the colt's hoof to hock during the first of many operations.
As the colt was recovering, he developed an inflammation known as laminitis in the left hind leg in July, which forced the removal of 80 percent of his hoof wall.
The Sir Barton Stakes debuted at Pimlico in 1993.
To contact the reporter on this story: Mason Levinson in New York at .
Last Updated: December 20, 2006 14:03 EST


Barbaro was Examined by a Podiatrist:

Barbaro examined by podiatrist
December 20, 2006

KENNETT SQUARE, PA-- Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro was examined yesterday by Dr. Scott Morrison, head of the equine podiatry service at Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky. “Barbaro is stable and comfortable although we remain concerned about the long term management of his left hind foot,” said Dr. Dean W. Richardson, Chief of Surgery. According to Barbaro’s medical team, Dr. Morrison did some minor work on Barbaro’s left hind foot, and made recommendations concerning the management of that foot. “There is no timetable at this moment concerning Barbaro’s discharge from the hospital,” said Dr. Richardson. “His comfort on both hind limbs is good and his overall condition is excellent.”

Also, an except from an email to the CampaigningforBarbaro Ambassadors from the Humane Society:

"right now, there is
something that activists could be doing to really help
educate folks about horse slaughter. I would
encourage them to write letters to the editors of
local papers in their areas. Letters to the editor
(LTEs) are the most read section of any newspaper and legislative offices watch the LTE sections to see how folks are reacting to issues back home. By getting LTEs on horse slaughter published, we can (1) educate our community about why this inhumane practice should end; (2) why they should care about it and (3) what they can do [contact their Rep/Sen]. Plus the legislative office of the area will take notice that the issue has even made it to the local LTE page.

The new session of Congress begins January 3, so folks
don’t have a lot of time to be idle. Once the new
session starts, that is when you want to be calling,
emailing, and faxing letters. Do NOT mail letters to
Capitol Hill – since the anthrax scare, all the mail
is re-routed to New Jersey and irradiated for cooties
and then returned to Congress (6 weeks later!). so
for folks demanding to write letters, please encourage
them to fax them to their legislator.

Those are just a few ideas that come to mind. You are
so right that we must not lose our momentum and we
have to keep this issue in the forefronts of our
leaders’ minds as they return in January."


So PLEASE, PLEASE, write those letters to the editor. Send them to your local paper and do a search on the internet for online papers. I've submitted them all over the place this past week and hope some get published. The bottom line is that we've got to work together to make this a front page issue and no longer America's Dirty Little Secret.

Finally, if you have a few dollars to spare, I have one of my favorite rescues I would ask you to help out in this the season of giving:

Read owner Joe's blogs. They'll make you smile...they'll make you cry...

Paypal him at

Thank you, and Seasons Greetings!

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