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True American Horse Enthusiasts Call Out the Pro-Slaughter American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)

John Holland's voice of reason one again points out the many forces lobbying to keep American horses available for slaughter for overseas human consumption.

More American Quarter Horses go to slaughter than any other breed. As a responsible association, or breeder, wouldn't you want to protect the lives you bring into the world?

From John Holland:

Hi Folks,

It is a new year and us old timers have all had about enough of the status quo. We have decided that we need to take our growing strength and go onto the offensive. This is an invitation to join us!

By now you all know the tactics of our adversaries. They set up phony "welfare" organizations and use the offices of organizations like the AVMA and the AQHA to project an agenda that has no motivation but greed. Since their position has no morally acceptable justification, they simply create one.

Most recently they are getting third rate reporters to pump out completely fabricated stories like the ones about horses being abandoned around the country. Having produced this documentary "proof", they trolled the darkest recesses of the bowels of congress to find someone who would have no problem with propagating their poison. The most recent denizen to emerge to their beckoning calls was Senator Larry Craig, a man who's career set new and impossibly low standards for hypocrisy and dishonesty. Then they shoved into his well greased palm a wad of these phony stories and sent him out to stain the Senate floor with his "consent objection" based on stories so rank that no self respecting dead fish would be found wrapped in them.

Playing defense in this game has no upside for us, it is merely damage control. We must be ready to counter this detritus, but that alone is not enough. We need to make these organizations pay for their hypocrisy and deceit. To do this, we must take the battle to them on ground they think safe. We will be doing this in several ways, and the alert below is the first. Please read it and help us put a kink in the shorts of the AQHA by exposing their true nature where they least want it seen. We will do the same with the AVMA. When we are done, no veterinarian will want the AVMA decal to deface his or her door.

None of this will change our ongoing work on Congress. That has become a well oiled machine. It is simply a matter of making these organizations realize they will find us pulling back the covers in everything they do. The AQHA is very excited about their upcoming program. Let's crash their party and pour some truth into their punch bowl.

I hope you will join us and Happy New Year!

John Holland



* *


As many of you already know, the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) is one of the main suppliers to and supporters of the horse slaughter industry and one of the main opponents to the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (AHSPA).

The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (AHSPA), currently pending before the US Congress, will ban the movement, possession transportation of
America's horses, and ban the transport to slaughter of American horses across the Canadian and Mexican borders. Sadly, pro-horse slaughter organizations such as the American Quarter Horse Association have been working hard to mislead Congress and employ underhanded tactics to block the will of the majority of Congress and the American people.

Were it not for a few organizations and individuals such as the AQHA and their ally disgraced Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) blocking the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, it would have been signed into law several years ago, saving tens of thousands of horses from a very cruel and unnecessary death.

It has come to our attention that on January 12, 2008, NBC’s Oklahoma City affiliate KFOR will broadcast the AQHA's World Championship Reining Show. This event is extremely important for the AQHA since it is used by the group to gain new memberships apart from the profits it obtains through advertising. The host of the program will be AQHA magazine editor Jim Brett Campbell, who has written articles opposing the AHSPA, as well as misrepresenting the bill using scare tactics.

*Please, contact NBC local affiliate KFOR as well the station’s headquarters in New York asking them to not televise AQHA’s World Championship Show next January 12th due to the organization’s stance actively supporting the slaughter of America’s horses through their lobbying activities in Congress.*

Tell them about AQHA's underhanded tactics to deny the overwhelming majority of Americans due process on a bill necessary to stop the cruel and extremely inhumane transport and slaughter of our horses across the borders in Canada and Mexico. Indicate you will reconsider viewing NBC shows unless they refuse to broadcast this event. Tell them that televising an AQHA event is to condone horse slaughter.

Some talking points you may include in your calls and mails include:

* Tens of thousands of American horses are slaughtered and
transported to slaughter to Canada and Mexico under appalling
conditions, including the stabbing and slaughter of conscious
animals, by the very same horse slaughtering corporations that
were operating until recently within the US.

* While AQHA argues it opposes the AHSPA because there is a
so-called 'unwanted horse problem' it is the main producer of
foals in the US -with tens of thousands of new registrations every
year- and is actively promoting the mass breeding of more foals.
This irresponsible breeding program rewards the bottom feeders of
the horse industry such as killer buyers and assorted auction

* AQHA’s stance is not based on factual, historical or statistical
evidence but rather on conveniently manipulated and distorted
information to support a presumed “need for slaughter” and denying
all the evidences proving the cruelty and atrocities going on in
the Canadian and Mexican horse slaughter plants.

* The AQHA is more concerned about protecting the hefty profits
obtained by certain mass breeders through slaughter and keeping
pace with several anti-animal agribusiness lobby groups that have
nothing to do with the horse industry than protecting those of the
very same horses they claim to represent and the overwhelming
majority of Quarter Horse owners and breeders.

* Through its irrational opposition and its underhanded tactics AQHA
is disenfranchising the overwhelming majority of Americans who are
opposed to horse slaughter, disregarding all the democratic
principles in which America is based.

When calling make sure you ask the operator to pass your call to the comments line and then start off asking NBC to not televise AQHA’s World Championship Show and quickly point out some of the arguments indicated above since time on the comments line may be limited. Also, when calling local affiliate KFOR as the receptionist to pass your call to Christy Jones.

Also, please forward this alert to all your contacts, from family members to work partners, asking them to take part on it and help putting an end to the slaughter of America’s horses abroad. The more people we get contacting NBC the more possibilities we have to stop the broadcasting of the event and make AQHA sit down and take note.

For more information contact:

Anne Russek

Director of Media Relations

Virginia Equine Council



Station and Department Phone Email address

KFOR 405-424-4444

NBC program comments line 212-664-4444

Help end their suffering! Be the voice for those with no voice. Tell Congress vote yes to HR. 503 and S. 311, American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

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