Wednesday, February 13, 2008

American's Against Horse Slaughter - Join Us in DC

American’s Against Horse Slaughter ~ Join us in DC!

On March 4th and 5th we are all invited to come together and be a voice for the horses who cannot speak for themselves. Please join us!

You will have the opportunity to meet many Americans who share our love for horses and want to end the threat of slaughter for our horses. We will be traveling to the many offices of our Senators and Representatives to let them know emphatically that the American Horse Slaughter Protection Amendment must be passed. It is the will of the American people, and we need to drive that point home.

Traveling to DC to visit our legislators may sound intimidating. I know it did for me. But back in July, I made the trip. I discovered the all the House and Senate offices are around the Capitol, and walking from one to another was an easy trip. Some of the buildings even offer underground access to the adjacent building, so that you do not have to go outside and go through security again. I actually stayed across the river in Virginia and took a cab into DC, which only cost about $5.

We cannot emphasize enough that this must be a very professional endeavor. If you are going to participate, we need you to be dressed as business professionals. This event is of monumental importance, so please dress the part.

So…join us! Speak for the horses that have no voice! End the slaughter!

For additional information please visit this website:

Here is the “official” invitation from Mayor Bacon:

You are warmly and urgently invited to participate in the great task remaining before us—banning the slaughter of American horses. Your voice is critical at this time as thousands of American horses are being shipped across our borders and appallingly slaughtered. We have come so far, but our great task remains, to see to it that American laws and American justice finally prevail.

Please join me, Paula Bacon (former mayor of Kaufman, TX-- former home of Dallas Crown horse slaughter plant) and other major leaders and advocates in Washington, D.C. for two days of advocacy, to urgently encourage Congress to implement a permanent ban of horse slaughter.

On arrival you can expect a strategy session/breakfast meeting to bring together all attendees before your scheduled appointments. On the evening of March 4th plan to attend a networking event of the anti horse slaughter community where you can talk with others deeply committed to the ban.

We extend this important invitation to you, asking you to come to Washington on March 4th and 5th:

  • To respectfully remind members of Congress that our numbers are growing and we are not going away—ever—not without a permanent end to horse slaughter.
  • To respectfully remind Congress that in fact, horse slaughter is THE ‘go away’ issue, as offensive to the electorate as it is un-American, and the sooner it goes away the better for all.
  • To respectfully remind Congress that we are a government of the people, by the people, and for the people—and, with respect, it is high time we abide by the will of the people, permanently banning horse slaughter.

We need 100 people. The impact of a minimum 100 people who can commit to participate and ‘walk the halls’ for the federal ban is considerable—100 dedicated, well-dressed, well-spoken and courteous advocates. We will dress for success in our best business attire—because we do mean business. We will bring our most professional attitude—we will not be portrayed as tree-hugging ‘animal rights’ people, but as average Americans, unfunded but absolutely committed to stand up for American values and America’s horses.

Please respond if you can go to Washington D.C. on March 4th and 5th (Tuesday and Wednesday). E-mail Julie Caramante at using the subject header Attending DC Event.

Please come. Help make this the legislative session when the federal ban on horse slaughter was finally achieved.

All the best,

Paula Bacon

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