Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pennsylvania Woman Saves Race Horse From Slaughter Death


Cheree Esposito runs a non-profit horse rescue from her barn outside Franklintown, York County. She's got enough room for ten horses at "Safe Haven Arabians," but right now, there are only eight.

This is her latest addition - a five year old thoroughbred that she rescued from an auction kill pen three weeks ago.

She knew she was going there that day to save some horse's life. She just didn't know which one.

"And I asked (God), 'Give me a sign for the one I'm supposed to save.' And he (Nick) just stared me down and gave me this look," says Esposito.

It was a horse named Jazzercise. He was just about to be carted off ... and eventually be taken to the border, and sold for slaughter. But at the last minute, Esposito convinced the man to sell her the horse.

"I (re-)named him Nick because I got there in the nick of time to save him," says Esposito.

Nick's been at Safe Haven ever since ... training, recovering, learning to trust again. Esposito tested Nick by doing what she does with all her rescues - she pulled a sleeping bag into his stall one night and laid down.

"He comes over and nuzzles and nudges, and the last time I did it, he actually laid down right next to me," says Esposito.

Nick is just one of many success stories ... horses that other people were done with, couldn't afford, or didn't see as anything more than meat on a plate. At Save Haven, they're just allowed to "be" -- while their guardian angel finds them the perfect home.

"When the people come (to adopt a horse) and you do find that match, you know you're in it for the right reasons," says Esposito.

If you'd like to contact Esposito about adopting one of her rescue horses, click here

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The face of death

The face of death
#396, A kind, gentle Thoroughbred

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All that is left
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